Brian Wong

Brian Wong received a dual degree in the majors of Neuroscience and Biochemistry at UC San Diego. His background in research led him to explore the field of Neurofeedback. As clinician, he has been able to help many individuals and families improve the quality of their lives. Regularly taking the unbiased analytical approach, Brian was impressed with the effectiveness of traditional Neurofeedback. However, he quickly recognized aspects that could be modified and improved, but it would take much more computing power than a standard laptop.
When high-quality virtual reality (VR) headsets started becoming consumer-ready, Brian immediately recognized that the synergy between VR and Neurofeedback was going to profoundly improve the effectiveness of training programs. Brian dedicated himself to developing the highest-quality Neurofeedback Program possible that would integrate Neurofeedback, High-Quality Virtual Reality and Machine Learning.



2013-Current   Murrieta Neurofeedback Center | Neurofeedback Clinician

2012-2013   Salk Institute for Biological Studies | Laboratory of Genetics

2010-2012   UCSD Department of Bioengineering | Theoretical Neuroscience and Engineering Lab



2010-2013   University of California, San Diego | Physiology and Neuroscience

2010-2013   University of California, San Diego | Biochemistry/Chemistry